Best Beginner Guitar Reviews – 2020 | Acoustic, Electric

Are you finding the best beginner guitar? It is quite a task if you just started out into the world of guitar. This article focuses on all the key information about guitars and you will get proper insight which you can use to choose the best guitars.


Best Beginner Guitar – The Search Begins

Best Beginner Guitar

Guild D-140 SB Sunburst Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar

Whether you want to be the best guitarist in the planet or you just want to use it as your hobby, you need to buy the best guitar. A guitar which you can use to get anything out of it without much problems. In case you are buying it for your child, you need to choose one that will fully satisfy your child’s needs. Remember that it is your money that you are putting at stake and nothing feels bad as not getting the real value of what you bought with your money.


Types of Guitars

To be able to choose the best beginner guitar, you should know that there are different types of guitars. Each type has been specially designed to perform specific function. There is also some differences on how different types of guitars work. This means that you can achieve a certain objective with one type of guitar but fail to achieve the same objective with another type.

Here are the most common types of guitars that are available in the market. Once you know the type of guitar you need, it will be easier for you to narrow your search for the best beginner guitar.

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars are the most common type of guitar. This type of guitar can be the best guitar for beginners. If you are a newbie into the world of guitars, it is advisable to go for acoustic guitars as they will give you easier time.

Acoustic guitars are divided into two types, steel-string acoustic guitar and classical acoustic guitar.

Steel-string Acoustic Guitar

Steel-string guitar is known for its metallic sound which works perfectly with a wide variety of popular music genres.

Classical Acoustic Guitar

Classical acoustic or Spanish guitars have comparatively wider than the steel strings. Acoustic guitar are very popular and this could be because of their simplicity and portability.

Electric Guitars

You want to be a rock guitarist? Go for electric guitar. This is the most perfect guitar for rock, pop, jazz and blues music. You need to plug an electric guitar into an amplifier so as to make it audible. This models of guitars are characterized with solid bodies though you can get some that are hollow. There are two major designs of electrical guitars and they are Gibson Les Paul and Fender Stratocaster.

Electro-Acoustic Guitars

The electro-acoustic guitars, also known as acoustic electric guitars, are tailored to sound neutral and produce subtle nuances of acoustic guitar. They can be plugged into an amplifier or any other PA system.

Twelve-string Guitars

These guitars have six regular strings and another set of six thinner strings making a total of twelve strings. The guitar is mostly used to smoothen the rhythm and to produce softer and brighter tones.

Bass guitars

They are mostly used by to add the bass effect into a music. A bass guitar has four strings though you can get some with up to six strings. They are characterized by long necks and thick strings.

Resonator Guitars

Resonator guitars have a large cover plate that is perforated and this means that they don’t have the regular sound hole. They have loud and clean notes making them good for country music.

Archtop Guitars

Archtop GuitarIs a physically attractive guitar that is very popular with jazz music. Under this type, you can choose full-bodied or thinline design with each design giving its own volume of resonance.

Double-neck Guitars

Here two guitar necks share one body and the guitarist is able to alternate between two necks with much ease. They are good for experienced and highly skilled guitarists.

With an understanding of the different types of guitars,  it is time to find the best beginner guitar!


How to choose the Best Beginner Guitar

After knowing different types of guitars, your next step will be to choose the right one that will perfectly suit with your lifestyle.

These tips will help you to choose only the best in the market.

Know the type of guitar that you want

If you are a beginner, go for acoustic guitar and if you are experienced in this field, go for any model that will deliver the best results.

Your budget

Your budget will dictate the type of guitar that you want. Start with less expensive guitars and as you gain experience, you can go for expensive and more sophisticated guitars.

Music style

Different music styles work with different types of guitars. If you like rock music, buy electric guitars. This applies to all other music styles though there are some guitars that work with any music style.

Choose the right size

Choose a guitar which you will be comfortable to use and carry around without feeling uncomfortable.

Aesthetic value

Your guitar should be physically appealing. Choose a guitar that has attractive design and color.


Best Electric Guitar

This guide will be incomplete without introducing the best guitar on the market.


Best acoustic guitar under 200

If you have limited budget, here are best acoustic guitar under 200 dollars.

Fender Acoustic Guitar Guitar strings, tuner and picks are also included.

Best Electric Guitar under 300

If rock is your thing, here is the best electric guitar under 200 bucks.

Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top


Best Acoustic Guitar under 500

If you want to upgrade your guitar to a better brand or model, consider this best acoustic guitar under 500 dollars.

Yamaha FG830 Acoustic Guitar

Best Electric Guitar under 500

If you like to use electric guitar, here is the best electric guitar under 500 dollars

Epiphone WILDKAT Royale Electric Guitar



Best Acoustic Guitar under 1000

If budget is not of a concern, here are the best acoustic guitar under 1000 dollars

Yamaha APX700II-12 Acoustic-Electric Guitar


Best Electric Guitar under 1000

For rockers, here is the best electric guitar under 1000 bucks.

Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar


Best Cheap Guitars

If you are really tight on budget, here are the best cheap guitars.

Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar


Best Beginner Guitar Reviews – Conclusion

If you are a professional guitarist, choosing the best guitar will be one big step towards a successful career as a guitarist. If you are doing it as a hobby, finding the best beginner guitar will fill you with internal happiness and make you enjoy each and every moment that you will be having the guitar. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to