Which is the Best Bed for Studio Apartment?

For those who have stayed in a studio apartment, you will know how important it is to have everything spaced out and neat, so it doesn’t take up so much room. When I think of a studio apartment, I think of the tiny houses that are built for people who are being very wise in spending their money. Indeed, studio apartments are a wonderful way to live and save a lot of money. However, at the same time, you also have to really plan your living space so that you won’t feel too crammed out. So let start with the bed. In this review, I am going to give you to list the best bed for studio apartment so that you can save more space.





Best Bed For Studio Apartment

#1. The Triple Ottoman Folding Bed.


This Triple Ottoman Folding Bed is my favourite bed. It is a space-saving dual purpose bed which can be a bed at night and folded to double as a coffee table or sofa in the day.  Speaking of really saving space.

Perhaps you may think it’s a hassle to remove the mattress & fold it up. Actually, there is no need to remove the mattress. You can fold the bed together with the mattress as the mattress is a 3-part mattress. And honestly speaking, it is easy to fold this bed up in just 2 folds. It definitely takes less time than brushing your teeth!

With this purchase, you also get a Certipur-US certified foam mattress. Foam mattress is the buzz right now as it can fit your body contours properly so that you won’t get all those body aches the next day.

Another thing is that this bed is really durable and long lasting. It can support a weight of up to 350 pounds. You may wonder if the bed will be dirtied by your coffee when using it as a coffee table. No worries. It comes with a waterproof cover to cover it up when folded.

If you want an efficient way to save space, check out this awesome mattress

Triple Ottoman Folding Bed

Triple Ottoman Folding Bed

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#2  The Inofia Foldable Folding Bed.

I have fallen in love with this particular bed. It comes with a memory foam mattress and you will sleep on it as if it was a king size bed.

Not only that, but it is so durable, that it will lasts you a very long time. Even its wheels are painted with an eco-friendly painting. So it will not rust no matter how long you have it. And you can easily roll it for storage when you do not need the bed.

And it doesn’t takes up much space laterally when it is folded up. This bed makes it a great option to have when you expect to have guest at your home.


Inofia Foldable Folding Bed

Inofia Foldable Folding Bed

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#3  The Universel Full Murphy Bed.

This is the bed that has become an adventure to so many people. This bed allows us to use our imagination when we think of movies where the bed closes up and turns into a closet.

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I love the fact that you can go to sleep on it at night and then fold it up with no problem and no heavy lifting, and you can do all of this by yourself with no assistance!

It can support a maximum weight of 1000 pounds. The way the doors look once the bed is hidden away is very beautiful and eye catching.

One would never know that it was a fold up bed unless you told them, and then all of the fun and excitement they will have when pulling the bed up and down!


Bestar Full Murphy Bed - Universel

Bestar Full Murphy Bed – Universel

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#4 The Divano Roma Furniture [ Best dual purpose space saving twin bed ]

If you are staying with your partner, this would be a very good choice to sit in your studio apartment.

You can use it as a twin bed at night and fold it up into a couch in the day. And the nice thing is that this is an extra large twin bed, so you have plenty of room to move around while sleeping in it.

And in terms of comfort, you are getting a memory foam mattress. So that you can get a good night rest.

Divano Roma Furniture Modern 2 Tone Modular Convertible Sleeper

Divano Roma Furniture Modern 2 Tone Modular Convertible Sleeper


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Which is the Best Bed for Studio Apartment?


These 4 beds are really great space savers. Whichever you pick, do consider your needs. I personally recommend the Ottoman & Inofia. The Ottoman is great as you can use it as a bed at night and fold it up to be used as a sofa/coffee table at the same location. However, if you have guest regularly, the Inofia is a great option to have as it can be folded up to take up little storage space. I hope this review on the best bed for studio apartment has helped you make a decision!


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