Best Wine Coolers – 2020

Are you searching for the best wine coolers for your wine collection? From the past thousands of years, wine has always been a delicious and integral part of many human societies. For most wine lovers, a fine wine is not just another drink, it is an experience. So, whether you are in a party mood or are relaxing on a hot summer day, getting the right wine can make all the difference. However, to help your wine collection age in perfect conditions and protect its value and taste, buying a wine refrigerator could be a lucrative investment.



What is a Wine Cooler?

Best Wine Coolers

AKDY 21 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Cooler

A wine cooler, also known as a wine refrigerator, is a specialized fridge used for aging and storing wine. Designed to create a perfect storage environment for wine with an ideal temperature and right humidity, these refrigerators keep your wine ready to be consumed at any moment. It includes built shelves that not help keep your wine secure but also allows you to show off your precious wine collection. Standard refrigerators, on the other hand, are colder and are recommended only if you are planning to store your wine for extended periods of time.


Benefit of Wine Refrigerators

  • Provide ideal short term storage condition for your wine
  • Helps wine age perfectly
  • Improves the taste of the wine
  • Provides a completely vibration free environment
  • Helps preserve the wine flavor over time
  • Provides proper storage and serving temperature for the wine, whether red or white
  • Provides affordable wine storage

How to choose the Best Wine Cooler?

Indeed, a wine fridge is required for your precious wine collection. So how to choose the best wine cooler? Here are some important considerations.

  • Space: Wine refrigerators can take a lot of space. Therefore, if you live in a small home, consider how much space you have to keep them.
  • Temperature zones: Different wines require different temperatures to be stored properly. So, if you drink only one type of wine, choose a wine fridge that requires a single storage temperature. However, if you keep a variety of wines, choose a refrigerator that features multiple temperature zones.
  • Capacity: Choose a refrigerator according to the number you need to store in it. However, if you are planning to increase your collection in the future, opt for a bigger fridge.
  • Shelves: Generally there are two types of shelving available in a wine fridge- wood and chrome. The difference between the two types is their price and aesthetics.
  • Built-in vs Freestanding: While freestanding wine refrigerators are available in different heights and widths to fit into a given space, built-in refrigerators can be installed beneath counter tops.


Choosing the Best Wine Refrigerator : Different Types of Wine Coolers

There are a few types of wine cooler. Knowing the different classes of wine coolers will help to narrow the choices for the best wine cooler to buy.

Small wine chillers

An ideal gift for wine lovers, this type of wine fridge helps store a large collection of wine at an ideal temperature for best flavor. These refrigerators can easily bring a single bottle at a serving temperature without dealing with ice buckets or wait for the wine to warm up outside.

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Small countertop refrigerators

An ideal choice of wine fridge for kitchen counter tops, this type of refrigerator can usually hold between four to twenty bottles. Since most of these refrigerators use thermoelectric cooling, they are usually quiet and free of vibration.

Medium size wine refrigerators

Slightly larger than the counter tops units, these refrigerators are usually placed on the floor. While some of these refrigerators feature single temperature zones, most of them offer dual zones helping you store white and red wine at different temperatures.

Large Wine Cellar Refrigerators

Often known as “ cellars” this type of refrigerators use a compressor and can hold about 100 or more bottles. Including features such as humidity control for long time wine storage, dampening material to manage compressor vibrations, they are better constructed than their smaller counterparts and are usually expensive.


Common FAQs on Wine Coolers

In the search for the best wine coolers, many questions may arise.

#1: Which type of refrigerator should you buy- compressor or thermoelectric?

If you do not want the room in which you place the refrigerator to get warm, choose to buy a thermoelectric free standing wine cooler. However, for warmer room and for storing larger collections of wine, opt for a compressor-based refrigerator.

#2: Can I use a wine cooler to store beverages?

Wine refrigerator or wine cooler does not provide temperatures below 46 Fahrenheit. It is therefore recommended that you buy a traditional refrigerator or beverage cooler to store beverages.

#3: What is the best way to clean the refrigerator?

To clean a wine refrigerator, unplug it and remove all items from the inside (wine bottles, shelves). Use a mild cleaner to clean the inside surfaces of the fridge. While a soft cloth can be used clean wooden shelves and trays, use a mild detergent to clean wire shelves, trays and exterior of the refrigerator. Take caution to avoid exposing electronic or control parts to water.


Best Wine Coolers Reviews – Conclusion

If you are a wine lover and are looking for a reliable way to store, age and display your wine collection, buying a wine refrigerator would be a wise decision. Hope this would be helpful in your search for the best wine coolers for your wines. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to