Best Refrigerator Reviews – 2020

Searching for the best refrigerator for your home?

The need to refrigerate and preserve our food dates back to the prehistoric times. In the past, man has learned to harvest ice and snow in order to prevent their foods from spoiling. As we approach the modern era, we have developed a more sophisticated way of preserving our food, and it is now a common part of any household’s appliance – The refrigerator.



Why Buy Refrigerator?


Best Refrigerator Reviews

Midea WHD-113FB1 Compact Reversible Double Door Refrigerator and Freezer

Refrigerators are appliances used to store and preserve perishable foods. These include meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables. Leaving it in the open will also promote the growth of bacteria in the food and the food spoils. Because of the cool temperature inside the refrigerator, it is possible to prolong the decomposition of food items just enough for them to be consumed later.

Some are integrated with a storage console that can be used as a freezer. The freezer preserves food at 32 degrees Farady. This is perfect for storing meat and fish so they can last for many days. This freezer is also useful for storing ice.

In addition to that, most modern refrigerators have different compartments that are designed in a way that the food can be organized easily. There are designated areas for the eggs, condiments, fruits and vegetables, beverages and so on.

Most refrigerator units nowadays also have an automatic defrosting function. With this handy feature, one does not need to manually defrost the ice that has been built up over time. It can be difficult to prepare food that is frozen because it sticks, but with automatic defrosting, this is now a non-issue.


How to Choose The Best Refrigerator?

There are many refrigerator company in the market. Every company says that their refrigerator is the best of its class. So which is the best refrigerator brand? It is important that you do good research before you actually buy one. There are many things to consider before you choose the best refrigerator for your home:
1.Kitchen size.
There are many sizes of refrigerators available in the market to choose from according to the space you have available in your kitchen. It has to match the style of your kitchen.
2.The size of the household and their eating habits.
The most common size is eighteen cubic storage capacity and is great for two people or a small family.
3.The purpose of Use.
Once should set its mind about the purpose of use before buying a refrigerator. Do you need an outdoor refrigerator or a household refrigerator? Outdoor refrigerators are usually much lighter and smaller than the regular kitchen/household refrigerator. Each one has its own character and you need to choose one that best fit your own needs.
4.The position of the freezer.
For a bottom-freezer refrigerator, the freezer is underneath the refrigerator as drawer system. Top-freezer refrigerators have the freezer located above the refrigerator for easy access. Top-freezers are more popular and cost less than other models.

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Types of Refrigerators

A refrigerator is an essential home appliance and an integral part of modern life, without any doubt. It can cool and preserve cooked food, uncooked items, water, beverages, make ice and ice cream and what not! But do you know, what are the various types of fridges, available these days?
Below is a list of some popular types of refrigerator options that you can choose from:

Top mount freezer

This type is very popular among people; most houses are likely to have this style of refrigerators. These fridges have three sections, the top most section is the freezer, the middle section is the normal cooling area where eatables like cooked items are preserved and the third section is at the bottom, which is meant for fresh food like vegetables.

Side-by-side Refrigerators

In this type, both the freezer and the normal refrigerator section are side-by-side. This is to ensure you have easy access to both sections. However, there can be a drawback; many times these refrigerators come with inflexible narrow shelves which make storage difficult. Therefore, it is better to look for fridges that have flexible interiors and customizable according to your requirements.

French door Refrigerators

These have the qualities of the last two kinds mentioned above. The freezer is at the bottom and is opened like a drawer, whereas the refrigerator section is on the top with a dual door like the side-by-sides. Therefore, it offers the best of both the styles. These fridges also consume lesser electricity because the freezer is quickly chilled being at the bottom. The Energy Star ratings are a good way to ensure this.


The freezer is attached underneath of refrigerator as drawer system.
When choosing a refrigerator for your home, consider getting a unit that has energy features so you get to save when it comes to energy consumption.


Common Questions and Answers About Refrigerator

1.What is the most popular refrigerator style on the market?
Answer: The French door refrigerator. It has a large storage capacity trays can fit in this fridge. It is a bit expensive but it will serve you for 7-15 years.
2.How much refrigerator space do I need?
Answer: The best way to go about this one is to start with ten cubic feet for a small household and then add another 1.5 cubic feet for every individual thereafter. Most families need 21 or 22 cubic feet. To remain energy efficient, you need to have your space less or equal to 20 cubic feet.
3.Is it worth getting an Energy Star rated refrigerator?
Answer: Yes. The energy savings should pay for the cost of the refrigerator over the life of the refrigerator and it helps to conserve the environment.
4.How do I get the best deal on a refrigerator?
Answer: You need to know the must-have features for a good refrigerator before looking for the “best deal”. You also need to know features that would be “nice to have”. Use the internet to get the best refrigerator deals from the comfort of your own home.


Cheap fridges


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For those on budget, here are some cheap fridges which also are also small. If you are space-conscious, these will be great for you.

  1. Midea WHS-65LB1
  2. gloo FR326M-D-BLACK


Cheap full size refrigerators


If you are not space-concious but still have limited budget, here are some cheap full size refrigerators for your home.

  1. Midea WHD-113FB1
  2. Hisense RT33D6BAE

Specialized Fridges

However, if you intend to store wine, it will be better to get a specialized fridge called wine cooler to keep your wines. Here is a guide to find the best wine coolers for keeping wines.


Best Refrigerator Reviews – Conclusion

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