5 Best Blenders for Milkshakes [5 factors to NOTE]

Getting a blender appropriate for making shakes of proteins is hard; however, it becomes even harder when you want it to make milkshakes as well. In case you are a darling of yummy milkshakes and in need of making them yourself, and in order to take charge of whatever forms the drink, then you need the best blender for milkshakes.



Let us begin by telling you what to consider if you need a milkshake blender;


5 Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Blender for a Milkshake

Using a blender to prepare milkshake should not be that tedious; indeed, milkshakes are a bit of satisfaction filled in a glass! Therefore, we wish to assist you in the preparation by using best blenders for milkshakes.

Picking a particular blender requires you to consider the following:

1. Amount of power required

The higher the power, the quicker the blending machine will rotate It also ensures a fine blend of ingredients. Blenders with more power are appropriate in case you have a larger gathering that needs milkshakes. Sometimes teens lack patience and therefore you might consider hastening that milkshake making process to their convenience. Also, in case you like engaging or hosting colleagues to dine together, it is wise of you to acquire a high power blender so that your visitors will always have a cold drink in their grasp.

2. The appropriate size

Ensure you consider the desired size of a blender. Staying with your partner or alone means you might need a smaller size. Also, a smaller size will do (due to its portability) if you need it for both home and office use, or outdoor activities. However, if you have kids of friends who are forever at your doorstep, you will need a bigger size for the primary purpose of making large quantities of shakes at a go. Considerably, you can go for commercial blenders with large jars for you to fill and serve quickly.

3. Strength of blades

The sharpness of blades does not mean good performance of the machine, but the thickness and strength do. Whether blunt or sharp, the speed produced by a powerful motor helps in the pulverization of everything contained in the blender jar. The strength of blades ensures that all sorts of ingredients are crushed together with guaranteeing durability.

4. Check the jar

Some containers are prone to breakage and leaking issues. While some are not easy to clean the residues left which can be a breeding zone for bacteria and end up contaminating your shakes. Opt for blenders with leak proofs to counter the leaking problem and still easy to clean. For health purposes, consider getting ajar free of bisphenol A (BPA).

5. Availability of warranty and spare parts

The best blenders often are warranty guaranteed for at least a year, and also their spare parts are easily accessible. You do not have to buy a blender and then the next day it breaks down, and there is nothing you can do about it, either by repairing it yourself or sending it back to the seller for repair or exchange.

Look into every blender’s features and choose the most ideal for your taste. You might have to make a point of measuring the cabinet’s space to ensure that the blender fits in well for storage purposes and use it comfortably.

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Best Blenders for Milkshakes

We have looked into and surveyed the majority of the best blenders in the industry, and we came up with a definitive guide for purchasing the most appropriate blenders for milkshakes available. We put into consideration various elements from the kind of blender to its capacity. Therefore, without hesitation, let us examine the five best blenders for milkshakes:

1. Hamilton Beach 51131

[maxbutton name=”cta-or-big”  window=”new” nofollow=”true” url=”https://www.amazon.com/Hamilton-Beach-51131-Single-Serve-Raspberry/dp/B00QNUCV0I/?tag=bvh06-20″]


Key benefits

  • It is portable enabling you to have a drink while on the move: It functions as an immobile blending jar while on blend mode, then once done you can transform it into a mobile mug with a spout lid that enables you to sip the milkshake while on the move easily.
  • Quick and simple one-touch blend: There is no compelling reason to incur additional expenses in the purchase of bigger size blenders with extra speed control buttons while a single button can function as well
  • Free from BPA: The blending jar is free from Bisphenol A (BPA) which is used in some blenders to reinforce their resistance to breakage in case they are hit or drop. Its absence saves you some health issues that come along the presence of BPA.
  • Quickly cleaned: The container and lid can simply be cleaned in a dishwasher to remove stains and milkshake residues which eliminates the threat of bacterial breeding.
  • Conveniently small: Its smaller size enables you to carry it with you to the workplace and outdoor activities comfortably.
  • Produces enough power of 175 Watts: That power is sufficient enough to quick preparation of milkshake and effective functioning.
  • Its jar has a capacity of 14 ounces: Such capacity provides for its usage as a portable mug that can fit effortlessly in the drink holder of your car.
  • The blades are made of stainless steel: The blades are long-lasting, and their strength ensures you blend your milkshake with much ease whether using fresh or frozen fruits.
  • It can be stored easily: the smaller size and advantageous cord wrap enable you to keep it almost everywhere conveniently. It measures: (11.9 x 3.94 x 3.94r in HWD


  • Minimal noise
  • Conveniently small to carry along to work and back home
  • Fast and easily used
  • Easy to clean
  • Pocket-friendly


  • There isatiny ventilating hole on the lid which makes its contents prone to spillage. It doesn’t matter for the blend of fruits, but for fluids, you will have to keep your thumb on the vent to avoid a mess.



[maxbutton name=”cta-or-big”  window=”new” nofollow=”true” url=”https://www.amazon.com/Oster-BLSTPB-WPK-250-Watt-Blender-Travel/dp/B004T4LYEO/?tag=bvh06-20″]

 Key benefits

  • Milkshake is blended directly into a portable mug: Regardless of whether you’re headed to the gym or work, it enables you to leave the house holding a milkshake in your hand.
  • One-touch functionality: With only one control button you can efficiently operate it
  • With a power of 250 Watts, it ensures that frozen ice cream and fruits are vivaciously crushed.
  • The long-lasting blades made of stainless steel finely pulverize frozen ice cream and fruits.
  • The sporty container is secure for dishwasher and incorporates a handle and has a leak-proof seal which enables you to carry it with you wherever you go.
  • Its compact design saves you much of your storage space.
  • Free from BPA: it is ideal for milkshakes which blend directly into a bottle free from Bisphenol A.
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  • Its opening is sufficiently enough for easy cleaning by use of hands
  • It is simple to use
  • The blades of stainless steel quickly crush frozen ice cream and sweets
  • The 20 oz blending container serves as a drinking mug as well.
  • It is portable, and therefore you can carry the blended milkshake with you



  • Due to its compact design, it serves well for milkshakes making purposes, though not intended to undertake tedious tasks performed by blenders of a larger size. Therefore, for large quantities of milkshakes, you will have to consider acquiring a bigger blender with a more powerful motor.


NutriBullet NBR-1201

[maxbutton name=”cta-or-big”  window=”new” nofollow=”true” url=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007TIE0GQ/?tag=bvh06-20″]

Key benefits

  • With a motor power of 600 Watts, it guarantees you a quick preparation of milkshake.
  • It comprises of two blades; an extractor for breaking down and pulverizing contents, and a milling blade for the grind of dry foods.
  • There are double small cups and a single tall one which are transparent for you to see through and manage the consistency and thickness of your milkshake.
  • Two resealable tops are available for you to directly store the shakes in a fridge to maintain the freshness.
  • There is a user manual together with a nutrition booklet to enrich you with ideas of preparation of other healthy shakes.



  • Crushes contents in the smoothest and healthiest state by unlocking vitamins and minerals caught inside the fruits’ cell walls.
  • It occupies a considerable amount of space due to its small smaller size as compared to other blenders of a similar capacity.
  • Both lids and cups (short and tall) can be washed safely in a dishwasher.
  • With regards to its small size, it is incredibly adaptable; apart from milkshakes, it can blend soups and sauces.
  • It is highly affordable for those on a low budget andstill of good quality.



  • You might experience some leakage in the blending process; to overcome that, you can consider firmly tightening the base. Also, do not overfill the jar-there is a marking line indicating the maximum level to be reached.


Betitay Professional

 best blender for milkshakes

[maxbutton name=”cta-or-big”  window=”new” nofollow=”true” url=”https://www.amazon.com/Betitay-Professional-Countertop-Commercial-Stainless/dp/B07DDCXZHX/?tag=bvh06-20″]


Key benefits

  • Incredible motor power of 1500 Watts. It provides for an easy crushing and pulverizing the hardest contents. Its top speed of 28000rpm ensures that you blend your milkshake fast and efficiently.
  • Hardened blades made of stainless are intended to deal with the hardest substances, ideal blending at various points, an assembly of 6 blades enables you to crush frozen ice cream within a fraction a second and a smooth and delicious milkshake.
  • It has a large capacity jar of 68 oz making it appropriate for household together with commercial usage. The jar also has an ability to resist impacts while it maintains its free from BPA nature.
  • There are multiple speed control buttons which enable you to manage your blending process effectively depending on the texture of the contents. Pulse control is also available to use at your convenience.
  • A warranty of 5 years is guaranteed: Five years is way too long for some blenders to have spoilt. Such a warranty is a prove enough that the Betitay Professional is durable; hence you can buy it confidently.
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  • Strong enough to handle numerous types of ingredients
  • Larger capacity
  • More adaptable
  • Multi-purpose; can make different shakes



  • They are generally expensive


5. COSORI Blender

[maxbutton name=”cta-or-big”  window=”new” nofollow=”true” url=”https://www.amazon.com/COSORI-Smoothies-Professional-Commercial-Processor/dp/B071D7BTTW/?tag=bvh06-20″]


 Key benefits

  • High quality: its 1500 Watts motor is meant to handle the hardest contents like frozen ice cream, with a significant powerful functionality to make milkshakes. When overloaded or overheating, it safely and automatically switches off for you to take the next of course of action. By so doing, it minimizes the chances of being damaged; hence long lasting.
  • Hardened blades composed of stainless steel: the six, strong and very sharp blades completely crush the contents and extracts vitamins and nutrients to give the most absorbable form of a milkshake.
  • A variety of speed control buttons: You can effectively modify speed to meet the different tastes. It contains a soft knob that you can rotate in any direction while blending milkshake which ensures everything is under your control. A pulse feature also helps to make a tasty shake.
  • Jars with a capacity of 70 ounces and free from BPA: there is also an additional portable bottle with a capacity of 27 ounces (with lids as well). This is not only ideal for your family and friends, but it also enables you to carry a healthy milkshake with you wherever you go.
  • It can clean itself: You can simply run some warm water and soap in the blender once you are done making the milkshake. An additional brush for cleaning is provided as a reward for the purchase.
  • You have a warranty of 2 years which is free: You are guaranteed to have your money back within 60 days in addition to a warranty of 1 year which can be freely extended for another year. You are still assured of full support from COSORI throughout the blender’s life cycle.


  • Goes at a considerable cost with regards to its standards
  • Fast and efficient
  • Long guarantee



  • Due to its size and height, it is not dishwasher safe; however, a cleaning brush is availed for hand cleaning Purposes.


Which is the best milkshake blender?


A wide variety of blenders is readily available in markets and can be a bit confusing when deciding on which one to buy. Hopefully, this review has simplified the process and assists you in choosing the best milkshake blender to meet your needs. You ought to put into account the blender’s motor power, its usability, and the availability of spares and warranty when selecting one. These milkshakes blenders are cost-effective and adaptable, and therefore will be a great option to consider buying for your home.

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