The Best Toaster Ovens Under $50 [6th one is Best!]

Toaster Oven can make you crumpets, muffins, bagels, waffles and even hotdogs. You can just get them under 50 dollars. With the right maintenance, these may even last you for many years. In this article, we will look at the best Toaster Ovens under $50.

Why Do You Need Toaster Ovens?

This appliance allows you to prepare more than one meal at the same time. You can have different cooking stages that require different temperature settings.

A Toaster Oven is easy to use since it is placed conveniently on your kitchen counter top. Because it is easy to use, you can be faster in preparing your meals.

If you are having trouble in preheating food because it take too long in a regular oven, then having a Toaster Oven in your kitchen is perfect. A Toaster Oven is compact in size so it makes preheating much quicker.

A Toaster Oven is also much more energy-efficient since it is smaller. If you are having a hard time cleaning our kitchen appliances, a toaster oven is easy to clean. We can just wipe it with a damp cloth after every use.

You can cook pizza’s, pastries, toast bread and so much more with this appliance. If you are looking for a practical appliance in our kitchen, having a Toaster Oven is a no-brainer. You can get Toaster Ovens that are under $50 and get great cooking performance out of these appliances.

How to choose the best Toaster Ovens Under $50?

Choosing the best Toaster Oven under $50 depends on what purpose you are going to use for it.

Temperature presets

Toaster ovens have food temperature presets. This can make cooking meals easier. Usually this comes as a dial for the preset and warms the food to the correct temperature.


Another important feature you should be looking for is the Timer or auto-shut off feature. We cannot just let our food in our toaster oven being burnt. The Timer or Auto-shutoff feature helps you use your Toaster Oven without worrying overcooking our food. You can just set it and then do other stuff while it heats the food.

Cooking Modes

Multiple operating modes are also some of the features to look for. More operating modes mean more ways of cooking your food. Some options include bake, broil, fry or warm.

Digital Display

A Digital display in a Toaster oven is useful if you want to know the accurate current cooking temperature.

Ease of Cleaning

We’d also want a crumb tray for our toaster Ovens for easy cleaning. Almost all Toaster ovens usually have this feature.

Warming Mode

If we just like to warm our food, some Toaster Ovens often have a Warming mode. This makes the Toaster oven in a low-heat state to keep your food warm for a long time.

The best Toaster Oven under $50 is the one that’s suitable and perfect for your cooking needs.

Top 7 Best Toaster Ovens under $50

We’ve made a list of the best Toaster Ovens Under $50 to help you find the perfect toaster oven in your kitchen.

#1 Hamilton Beach Toastation Oven with 2-slice Toaster Combo – Ideal for Pizza, Chicken, Nuggets, Fries

If you have space difficulties in toasting and baking at the same time, then this Toaster Oven is perfect for you. Save space in your counter by having 2 appliances in 1 package. This is a Toaster and oven at the same time. We can toast bread and cook crispy pizzas in a short time. If you want to switch from toaster to oven or vice versa, you just have to slide the lever.

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This includes an automatic shut down feature, temperature controls and toast shade selector for easy cooking. Compared to other Toaster Ovens, this toasts 24% faster. Reheating chicken and nuggets are also 28% faster. Save time preparing meals with this appliance. Also save money as it uses 73% less energy than competing brands.

This will stand out in your kitchen for its modern, sleek design. If we want to cook personal pizzas, this can have at least 2 inside. This oven reaches up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit to perfectly cook your food.

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Cleaning has never been easy because it also has an included crumb tray. You can easily wipe the crumb tray, oven walls and glass door for convenience.

This Toaster oven is a versatile appliance that’ also portable so you can cook, heat or toast your favorite food anytime and anywhere.


#2 BLACK & DECKER 4- Slice Toaster Oven with Natural Convection

This Toaster Oven features an exclusive combination of convection heating technology and compact construction. We can expect fast and tasty results every time we use this Toaster Oven. An advanced design of this Toaster oven uses thermodynamics to manage airflow for cooking food.

You can toast at least four slices of bread or a 9-inch pizza in this toaster oven. We can cook fast and easy in any kitchen with its compact size and great features. This has four cooking functions, choose any setting from broil, bake, toast, and keep warm. This has a 30-minute timer and a stay-on function if you want to bake for a longer time. The airflow designed in this Toaster Oven lets it flow throughout the inside for an even and fast cooking time.

BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster Oven with Natural Convection

BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster Oven with Natural Convection

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With a black and chrome accent, this will look classy in any kitchen design. If we want to see our food while it cooks, this features an Extra-wide viewing window. This can help us know if the food is overcooked or not. A two-rack position is also included for those larger food items. A crumb tray is also included for easy cleaning. With compact design and well-engineered heating features, this toaster oven is a perfect addition in our kitchen.



#3 Oster Toaster oven, 4 slice, Stainless Steel (TSSTTVVGS1)

This is a compact Toaster oven with a brushed stainless steel housing that’s perfect for your kitchen counter top. We can toast up to 4 slices of bread. An elegant design with it’s black and silver accent adds decor in your kitchen.

It has included heating settings such as broil and bake. This oven reaches up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit to perfectly cook your food. A toast control if you want light or dark toasts is also available. The 30-minute timer ensures that you won’t overcook your food.

An included durable baking pan provides long life of service. Use this Toaster Oven for many years. This has a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.

There are two manual control dials for accurate operation. The first dial controls the temperature to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. you can also position it to Toast or Broiling mode.The second dial sets the timer for 30 minutes and choose the toast shade option that has light or dark. This dial can also be turned to a stay-on position for a continuous cook.

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An adjustable rack can also be placed to two positions for your preferred position. The Oster Toaster oven is an efficient appliance that can help you even in the toughest cooking tasks you have in your kitchen.



#4. MaxiMatic ETO-113 Elite cuisine 2-Slice Toaster Oven with 15 Minute Timer, White

The Elite Cuisine 2 Slice Toaster oven can toast your favorite pizzas, breads, bagels or broil an open-faced sandwich. Avoid overcooking foods with an included 15-minute timer with auto shut-off feature. We have many options for baking and cooking with the included bake pan and wire rack. We can also avoid accidentally touching hot surfaces of the toaster oven with the Cool-Touch Handle. This allows us to have a safe handling for our food.

Expect high-quality oven door with the tempered glass windows for repeated high-temperature cooking. This has an elegant white finish accents that will look beautiful in our kitchen. We can add this beautiful and versatile Toaster Oven in our range of cooking appliances in our kitchen without taking up too much space.

MaxiMatic ETO-113 Elite Cuisine 2-Slice Toaster Oven with 15 Minute Timer

MaxiMatic ETO-113 Elite Cuisine 2-Slice Toaster Oven with 15 Minute Timer

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#5. Betty Crocker BC-1664CB Toaster Oven, 0.9 L, Black

If you are tired of always using a regular oven to toast or to cook food then this Toaster oven is perfect for you. This very handy Toaster Oven is compact and light. It is a perfect addition on your kitchen counter op as it doesn’t take too much space.

It has a 4-slice capacity and 1000 watts of toasting, great for quick and perfect toasting and cooking. The 30-minute timer included ensures that you will not overcook your food. This also bells after hitting the timer so you know when it has done cooking. Cooking is easy with a simple to use dial to turn up the heat.

This only weighs 8.1 pounds for easy placement of the Toaster Oven. This simple, easy and convenient Toaster Oven does not take up too much space in your kitchen. Perfect for another practical appliance in our home.

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#6. BLACK and DECKER TO1950SBD [Recommended]

If we’re looking for a large Toaster oven, this is one of the best choices. A curved interior fits a 9-inches pizza, six slices of bread and other mixes of snacks. This is perfect if we have a large family at home.

BLACK+DECKER TO1950SBD 6-Slice Convection Countertop - best Toaster Oven under $50

BLACK+DECKER TO1950SBD 6-Slice Convection Countertop – one of best Toaster Ovens under $50

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You can make large portions of meals with this Toaster Oven. Choose four cooking options like broil, bake, toast or just keep your food warm. We can also fit larger food items with the included Dual Rack position. Add versatility and practicality with your cooking.

An enhanced convection technology is designed in this Toaster Oven. It can circulate hot air quickly to evenly cook your meals, frozen snacks, pizzas and more food items. Make mealtimes easier and faster.

There are three knobs to control the process of cooking. The top knob controls the temperature. The middle knob sets the cooking function like broil, bake, toast or keep warm. The last knob, the bottom knob controls the timer for broiling or baking. The bottom knob also controls your preferred shade for toasting.

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We can also easily cook at the high and low rack positions with the included bake pan and broil rack. The removable crumb tray also provides easy cleanup every time you use this Toaster Oven.

This features an Extra-Wide viewing window so that you can see if the food is nicely cooked. This Black and Decker Toaster Oven is big and practical if you want to have large portions of food. Make bigger portions of food but with a compact size with this Toaster Oven. Even if we can cook large food size, the performance of this Toaster Oven is still consistent.

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#7. Comfee’ Toaster Oven Countertop

This Toaster Oven is a space-saver. A compact and versatile design complements any kitchen design. We can satisfy our cooking needs with the 3 in 1 cooking functions. We can broil, bake, and toast what we like. An easy to use control console is featured in this Toaster Oven. Two Dials, one is for setting the temperature and the other for the cooking mode.

This has an available 150-450 degree Fahrenheit temperature. The built-in timer is perfect for accurate toast and toast shade preference. This has an easy to clean non-stick removable crumb tray for those effortless clean up every time you use it. We can fit 4 slices of bread easily in this Toaster Oven. Our assurance that this Toaster oven will last is great because it has an included 1-year product warranty. The Comfee Toaster Oven is feature packed and compact that is useful in daily oven cooking needs.

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Which is the best Toaster Ovens Under $50?

We have different cooking needs that we have in our homes. If we are planning to add versatility with our cooking, a Toaster Oven is a perfect choice. This is a perfect, compact, and useful cooking appliance that is a must-have in any kitchen in our home. Thank you and we hope that you liked this article. Have fun shopping and choosing one of the Best Toaster ovens under $50. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to