Best InstaPot Reviews [6 Factors to NOTE]

Do you want to eat healthy food that is cooked in no time and still save your planet while doing that? Then all you need to do is get one of these marvelous instant pot pressure cookers, aka InstaPot, to get the job done for you.

Back in the old days, I used to spend hours in the kitchen on cooking my son’s favorite meal, sauté. Every time, I have to use many appliances and cook different ingredients in normal pots at the same time to ensure that he gets the best sauté. Yet, sometimes I fail. Not because of I’m not a good cook, but because I have to use too many appliances and pots at the same time. It sometimes just gets confusing. But now that’s all history, thanks to my instant pot cooker.

Who would invent something that saves time and effort at a very decent price and in the same time is safe to use by adults or kids and above all ecologically friendly to our planet? That would be the Canadians of course. A few years ago, they invented the instant pot cooker. And since then it has become one of the most important kitchen tools that anyone who wants to cook the perfect meal must have, to get what you want in a very short time and very safely.

Now, we have the 3rd generation instant pot cooker in the markets. They are smart cookers that can be programmed to do multiple tasks in a very easy way. And in the same time, it saves more than 70% of the power that other cookers use. That’s why it’s one of the healthiest and most ecological ways to cook our food.

With so many instant pot cookers in the markets, it can be very confusing to choose the right one. But, if you know what are the criteria that you can choose upon and how to compare between different pots, then it would be very easy to choose the pot you really need.


What is InstaPot?


Instant pot cookers, aka InstaPot, are simply multi-purpose electric pressure cookers that cook food slowly under pressure. It also can cook rice and vegetables, make yogurt, steam food or even keep it warm for as long as you need. That’s not all. Some instant pot cookers have up to 16 different programs to cook different kinds of food in many different ways. It can do the same job of 7 or 8 other appliances in your kitchen without taking the same space or the same fuss.

Simply put, InstaPot are pots that work on electricity, with the use of pressure to speed up cooking. At the same time, it maintains all the healthy ingredients in the food so you can benefit from them. They are also safe to use because they are locked in a tight way to prevent kids from accidentally harming themselves if they try to use it.

Instapot doesn’t only help you cook the perfect meal by adding pressure and temperature to the food. It also helps you regulate your schedule. You can adjust the timer on the right program so the pot starts cooking the meal in your preferred timing, say within the next few hours. You can also keep the food heated after you have finished cooking it, if you were waiting for your guests to arrive for instance. You can even adjust the timer on slow cooking while you are sleeping. Then you won’t have to worry about a gas leak as compared to cooking on a stove. All these features make the InstaPot one of the best appliances you can put in your kitchen.

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Why buy InstaPot?


If you have read all I wrote above, then you know exactly why you should buy an InstaPot pressure cooker.

  1. Meal of your dream : There are programs to cook all kinds of food. So, it’s easy to choose the right program for the right amount of time, then go watch your favorite movie or read your favorite magazine and come back to find your meal is ready.
  2. Forget the cleaning : The stainless steel inner pot is very easy to clean. You won’t have to spend hours in the kitchen cleaning all these pots and appliances as you used to before. It’s not only easy to clean the Instant Pot cooker. The great thing about it is that there is no spilling or greasing all around. This keeps your kitchen clean all the time and saves you effort.
  1. Safe, fast and healthy : We all dream of making a meal in no time that our kids love, eat and benefit from all the healthy ingredients in it. But the old ways of cooking didn’t give us all that. Now, you can get all you need in a meal with instant pot pressure cookers. The use of steam helps speed things up while keeping all the healthy ingredients without breaking them. In the same time, these cookers have the ultimate safety measures to ensure that adults or kids won’t be harmed by heat or its weight. So, you can be absolutely confident that everyone will stay safe.
  2. Save the planet : Instant pot pressure cookers save up to 60%-70% of electrical power in comparison with other methods of cooking. That’s because the pressure helps cooking food faster, which means less power consumption. Also, the stainless steel inner pot is separated from the outside by 2 layers and the pot is perfectly concealed. This prevents heat from escaping and decreases the power needed to maintain the heat.


How to choose an Instant pot pressure cooker?


There are many instant pot pressure cookers in the markets. Sometimes it’s difficult to choose the right one for you. But if you know the right criteria to choose upon, it would be so easy to decide which is better. This is different from one to another. It depends on the meals you prefer, the amounts you need to cook for your family and the extra features you want in an instant pot pressure cooker.


Important Features of a InstaPot Cooker


These are some of the important features you need to know before deciding which instant pot pressure cooker is best for you.

  1. Programs : How many programs does the Instant pot cooker provide? The more programs you get, the more ways of cooking you can use. Of course, with many programs, things can be confusing, so you need to read the brochure carefully.
  2. Capacity : Do you need to cook big meals for your family, or do you only have to cook 2 dishes? InstaPot pressure cookers come in many shapes and sizes. You have to know the exact size you need. Some women prefer to have 2 pots in their kitchen. A big one for large meals and another small one for fast small meals.
  3. Ease of use : With many programs and functions, it sometimes gets confusing to know exactly what to choose. But some Instant pot cookers provide easier ways to choose the right program. Like a digital screen with all the functions demonstrated on it.
  4. Warranty : How long is the warranty of my Instant pot pressure cooker? This is a very important question to ask yourself before buying your pot. The longer the warranty the better of course.
  5. Quality : Which type of stainless steel does my instant pot cooker have? The standard stainless steel in many pots is 18/8. Which corresponds to FDA regulations. But some manufacturers use less efficient stainless steel to decrease its price. You should know what type of stainless steel is in your pot.
  6. Control : What are the options you can control in your InstaPot? Some pots give you full control over pressure, time, heat and other important features. Some don’t. So, pay attention to this point if you prefer to know and control everything about your meal.
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Interpreting the model number of Instant Pot Pressure Cooker


On every instant pot cooker’s box, you can find some symbols that provide information about the pot. Many can’t read these symbols in the right way. But you can easily learn how to read and understand them to know this information. Here is an example of one of these symbols:


Of course, you can conclude that the first 2 letters (IP) refer to Instant Pot.

The next 3 letters (LUX) refer to the function of the pot. There are 3 main types. Smart, LUX and DUO. Now there are 2 more models. DUO Plus and Ultra. Each of these symbols indicates different types of functions. The LUX for instance, has limited functions. While the Ultra has all the functions you could imagine in an Instant cooking pot.

Then there are 2 numbers (60). This refers to the size of the pot. 50 means 5L, 60 means 6L and so on till 80. Roughly, 1L is enough for one person. This way you can decide which is the optimum pot for your family.

Finally, there are 2 symbols (V3). This refers to the version of the pot. As I said before, there are 3 generations of Instant Pots. This one is 3rd. generation.

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Best InstaPot Pressure Cookers


There are many types and models of instant pot pressure cookers. Here we will discuss 3 of the most important and famous models from Instant Pot.

  1. Instant Pot IP-LUX60 V3

It’s an upgraded 2017 version of the IP-LUX 60. This pot has many programs to cook different types of meals. One of its unique programs is the cake and egg cooking. It can pressure cook up to 24 hours and keeps food warm up to 10 hours. You can adjust the timer to start automatic cooking within 24 hours. You can also disable the alarm if you’re going to sleep, so the pot is silent. The elegant design makes this pot one of the most fashionable kitchen appliances you can get. It’s super easy to use the different programs and adjust the timer. In addition, it has 6 liters of capacity.


– Light (14.5 pounds).

– Easy to clean.

– Extended delay up to 24 hours.

– Cake and egg cooking program available.


– There aren’t many micro-programs to choose from.

– Only one capacity to choose from.

Best InstaPot Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot IP-LUX60 V3 Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker


  1. Instant Pot IP-DUO60

This is a 7 in 1 multi-functional InstaPot cooker. It has Pressure Cooker, Saute/Browning, Yogurt Maker, Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Steamer & Warmer programs. Its capacity is 6 liters, but if you want, you can find a larger pot with 8 liters of capacity.

The stainless steel inner pot is 18/8, which is FDA approved and resists rust for a long time. It has high pressure, so it cooks food very fast. It can even steam carrots in 5 minutes. You can delay the start of a program for 24 hours and keep the food warm up to 10 hours. It’s very easy to clean this instant pot pressure cooker. You can put the stainless steel inner pot in the dishwasher, and clean the outer body with a moist fabric. The digital screen is very fashionable, giving the pot a unique style.

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– Many functional programs to choose from.

– Big digital screen with fashionable buttons.

– High Dual-Pressure power.

– 3 different sizes (5L, 6L and 8L)

– Extended delay up to 24 hours.


– For pressure program, you can’t fill more than 2/3 of the inner pot.

– No Bluetooth control.



  1. Instant Pot IP-Smart

This is one of the best InstaPot cookers in the markets. In addition to all the features that you can find in other pots, this one can be controlled via an app installed on your Android, iPhone or iPad. In addition to controlling the pot, the app offers many delicious recipes to choose from. It has 14 micro programs to ensure that you can cook anything you want. It’s equipped with an ultra-safety mechanism.

The digital screen is bigger with more buttons for easier control of all the functions, making this InstaPot one of the easiest that you can use. You can choose the standard version or get the one with the glass lid. The glass lid gives the pot an elegant look. It also gives you assurance from seeing the food while it’s being cooked. Also, there are 2 sizes to choose from according to your family size.


– Bluetooth control via mobile app.

– 10 ultra-safety mechanisms

– User-friendly, with a strong fan base.

– 2 sizes to choose between (5L and 6L).

– Glass lid gives the pot an elegant and fashionable look.


– Slightly heavier than other models.

– Expensive.

Best Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot IP-Smart Bluetooth-Enabled Multifunctional Pressure Cooker


Best InstaPot Reviews : Conclusion


10 years ago, these InstaPot pressure cookers were nothing more than a fantasy. Today, they are real and ready to do all that you need with just one click. Not only you get to save time and energy savings, these instant pot pressure cookers can maintain the nutrients in the food better with its high pressure cooking style.




How Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Works

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