Top 3 Best Sheets for RV Mattress [4 Factors To NOTE]

Why do you need the best sheets for an RV Mattress?

RV sheets come in a variety of sizes which are completely different from the sizes of sheets that you’d find on your bed at home. A queen size RV sheet is not the same as a queen sized regular bed sheet. Make your life easier (and your sleep more comfortable) by choosing specialized RV sheets that have been designed to fit your RV mattress. Below is a guideline which will allow you to pick the best sheet for your RV mattress. This ensures that you are comfortable, your sheets fit without bunching, and you’re getting the best quality sheets for the best value.

How do you chose the right sheets for an RV Mattress?

1 Size of RV Mattress

The first step to choosing the best sheet for your RV mattress is to measure the mattress itself. RV sheets are very specialized and making sure the sheet you choose fits the mattress you own will prevent headaches in the future when the sheet is either too loose and bunches up, or is too tight to fit on your mattress properly. Once you have the size narrowed down you can begin to look at the material it’s made of and the cost of the sheets themselves.

2 Budget

It’s helpful to consider the budget that you have to work with right off the bat. Materials like Egyptian cotton tend to be on the pricier side while Polyester blends are more wallet friendly. Once you have the size and the amount you’re willing to invest in your sheets figured out you’ll find that the numerous options will be winnowed down. This will make it easier to chose from. You can then move on to choosing a material that fits your sleep needs.

3 Material and Thread Count

Because you’re going to be using this sheet in an RV, it’s best to find a durable material like a cotton blend, Egyptian cotton or Polyester. You should also find one that is easy to clean and doesn’t require any special handling instructions since you’re most likely going to be a distance from your closest dry cleaner!

When it comes to RV mattress sheets it doesn’t pay to get sheets with a thread count higher than 400. After this point you don’t often see an increase in value to match the increase in price.

4 What type of Sleeper are you?

However, you want the material of your sheets to be comfortable and it helps to keep in mind what type of sleeper you are.

Do you wake up sweating throughout the night? Then linen sheets are probably best for you due to their ability to allow air to flow through the sheets to prevent sweating.

Do you wake up chilled throughout the night and have a difficult time keeping warm? In this case you might want to consider a warmer material like flannel. If you’re just looking for pure comfort, bamboo sheets and jersey sheets are blissfully soft and make excellent choices.

Best Sheets For RV Mattress

Still having a tough time choosing?

With so many variables to keep in mind it can be difficult to choose the perfect sheet. I’ve put together a list of my top 3 favorite choices in RV mattress sheet sets that you’re welcome to take a look at if you’re having trouble narrowing down your options.

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1. SGI Bedding RV Queen Bed Sheets

SGI Bedding RV Queen Bed Sheets

SGI Bedding RV Queen Bed Sheets

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Available in a wide array of colors and every size you could possibly need, SGI Bedding is a fantastic choice for your RV mattress sheets. In total they have ten sizes available and 15 colors to chose from.

These sheets are made of Egyptian cotton which means they’re soft, durable and beautiful. They’re easy to clean and the color holds true after washing.

They boast a 600 thread count and an elastic fitted sheet. This elastic allows your sheet to hug the bed snugly without peeling off in the middle of the night due to tossing and turning.

One unique aspect of this company is that they donate a portion of their proceeds to a children’s charity. So you’re buying soft, comfortable sheets and supporting charity at the same time. What’s not to like?



2.Sweet Home Collection Egyptian MicroFiber Deep Pocket Sheets

Sweet Home Collection Egyptian MicroFiber Deep Pocket Sheets

Sweet Home Collection Egyptian MicroFiber Deep Pocket Sheets

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Sweet Home collection features 8 different sizes to choose from and a whopping 45 different color options! With this many colors to choose from you should be able to find the perfect shade for your dream RV bedroom.

This is a 4 piece set that comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillow cases. These sheets have an extremely high thread count at 1500, and although that’s not usually a consideration, the price of these sheets makes it an affordable option.

These sheets feature extra deep pockets with an elastic which means that they will fit snug to mattresses as thick as 16 inches!

These are microfiber sheets so they’re hypoallergenic which is an important consideration for some people. It also means that they’re easy to clean and very resistant to wrinkles. The microfiber in these sheets is very soft and because of the excellent air flow you’re guaranteed to get a comfortable, sweat-free sleep.

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3.Nestl Bedding Fitted Sheets For RV Short Queen Mattress

Nestl Bedding Fitted Sheets For RV Short Queen Mattress

Nestl Bedding Fitted Sheets For RV Short Queen Mattress

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Another great microfiber option is found at Nestl Bedding. This 4 piece set comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillow cases. Like the other two options, it has an elastic fitted sheet to prevent the sheet from riding up while you sleep.

The pockets on this sheet fit a 10″ mattress comfortably but can be stretched to a 12″ mattress without problems. This microfiber sheet set is hypoallergenic and extremely soft. It is easy to care for and clean. The wide array of 43 colors are designed to stick and won’t fade after extensive washing. This company has made a very durable sheet set that does not pile or snag. It’s even a pet-friendly option for those of you who like to take your furry companions along on your RV adventures! These soft sheets are lightweight and breathable providing the perfect night’s sleep. Nestl Bedding is confident that these sheets will live up to your expectations and they offer a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied for any reason.

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Which is the Best Sheets For RV Mattress?

Picking the perfect sheet set for your RV mattress doesn’t have to be a headache. If you’re careful about measuring the size of your mattress and you know your budget it’s easy to find the right sheets for your RV Mattress. Happy Shopping! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to