Best Sheets for Memory Foam Mattress [4 KEY Factors]

Why do you need to buy the best sheets for memory foam mattress?


Memory foam mattresses have been growing in popularity. Compared to most innerspring mattresses, they are far more superior in its cushioning ability. By contouring to your body shape, you get more comfort and support in your sleep. While giving you extra comfort, memory foam also retains and traps your body heat. Thus, there is a need to choose the best sheets for memory foam mattress.

You don’t want to get too overheated in the middle of the night, so you should search for the coolest option for your bed.



How to choose the right sheets for memory foam mattress?


Fabric Type

It is not advisable to purchase flannel or microfiber sheets for memory foam. Although they are very comfortable and cozy, you will get far too warm.

Instead, you should opt for sheets with a more breathable fabric. Natural fibers such as cotton, silk, linen, hemp and bamboo would be the best choice to keep you cool.

Cotton, silk and linen sheets wick away moisture better than synthetic microfiber, providing a cool and breathable sheet.


Thread Count
You may also want to consider the thread count of your sheets. Even though a higher thread count means a softer sheet, you will want to purchase sheets with a lower thread count for memory foam. Sheets with a lower thread count are much more breathable.

Choosing a thread count of 200-300 would be best for comfort and airflow.



The type of weave of your sheets will also make a difference.

Percale and sateen sheets are a good option for memory foam. Both percale and sateen are cool and crisp, but most prefer percale because they are lighter weight and more breathable than sateen.

Sateen sheets have a more smooth and polished finish which makes them warmer, whereas percale have a matte touch.

The type of weave is more of a personal preference, so both of these options work well with memory foam.


Sheet Size
Since memory foam mattresses have such compression and expansion, they conform to your body at night, even as you change positions.

This means your memory foam mattress may move quite a bit during the night. If you do not select the right size of sheet, it may come off during the night.

You want to choose a sheet that will also move with your mattress and is not too tight. Sheets with deep pockets are the best choice for memory foam, so they fit your mattress just right.

If you have a topper for your mattress, you must also take this into consideration when buying the right size sheet for your bed.


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Best Sheets For Memory Foam Mattress

#1 Casper Sheets


Casper Sleep is the best sheet for memory foam mattress

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Casper Sheets are the best sheets for memory foam mattress in town. These sheets are percale-woven. This weaving pattern made it easy for the sheet to breathe easily during its use. Also, it is made to last a long time to make customers happy. Their sheets are also safe to use for children.


#2 Dreamz 400 Sheets

Dreamz 400 Thread Count Specialty Size Sheet Set for King Size Memory Foam Mattress, Blue

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Many people will like the Dreamz 400 Thread Count Specialty Size Sheet because it is one of the top choices for memory foam beds. These sheets are very affordable for comfort and their fit are ideal no matter what size foam mattress you may have.

Dreamz sheets are a true blessing for memory foam mattresses! Being a cotton fabric, it is made for a great night’s sleep since its finish is fresh and cool.

Their quality is long-lasting after each wash, while its sheets are very soft and a pleasure to use every day.


#3 Percale Sheets

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Percale Sheets  offers people the most comfortable sleep that anyone can gain. Their sheets are cool, and even the sateen sheets are lightweight enough that you can probably snooze comfortably in all but the warmest conditions.




Which is the Best Sheets for My Memory Foam Mattress?

It is important to consider the 4 factors when determining the best sheets for memory foam mattress. If you are unsure which sheets you will like the best, you could try buying just the pillowcases to test them first before buying a complete set. Your personal preference is the most important factor of all because you must choose what you are happy and comfortable with. Remember each memory foam mattress is not equal, so you may want to think about each of these factors when deciding the best sheets for you.


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