Top 6 Best Sheets for Air Mattress: A Buyer’s Guide

Why Do You Need The Best Sheets For Air Mattress?

Whether you’re taking your air mattress camping or you need an extra bed in the guest room you’re going to need the best sheets for your air mattresses. Just because air mattresses are generally used for temporary beds doesn’t mean that the sheets you use are not worth taking the time to chose carefully. You will save yourself a lot of headaches if you take the time to buy the best sheets possible for your air mattress. Air mattresses have quirks like any other special mattress and just throwing a standard sheet set on your mattress isn’t going to cut it.

One of the things that’s most frustrating about air mattresses is that sheets tend to slide off of them as the mattress deflates slightly in the night. This can be avoided if you find a sheet set with sheet suspenders included or special elastics at the corners. Although most standard sheets will fit most air mattresses it’s advisable that you take the following tips into account when choosing the best sheets for your air mattress.


How Do You Choose The Best Bed Sheets For An Air Mattress?

1 Budget

There are quite a few variables to consider when choosing the best sheets for your air mattress. The first one I’d start with is your budget. There are so many varieties of sheets and bedding on the market today and having a limited budget won’t stop you from getting amazing quality sheets. That being said, if you have the budget you can certainly spend a ton on your sheets. It’s a good idea to figure out ahead of time how much you want to spend on your sheets so that you can narrow the choices down right off the bat. This also stops you from falling in love with sheets that you just can’t afford.

2 Thickness Of Mattress

Once you have your budget figured out you should go and measure your air mattress. Your mattress probably came with dimensions but I recommend inflating it to your desired firmness and taking out the measuring tape to do your own measurements. You should note the length and width of your mattress but don’t forget the depth measurement which is especially important in air mattresses. Some air mattresses are very thin and this will make it difficult for regular sheets to fit. On the other hand some air mattresses can inflate to over 16″ and this means that you might want to consider getting sheets with deep pockets so that the fitted sheet stays put through the night.

 3 Air flow of Material

Now that you know your budget and the size of mattress you’re working with it’s time to turn your attention to the type of sleeper you are. This means looking at material. If you’re chilly when you sleep you should look at a warm material like flannel. However, if you’re like a large number of sleepers who sleep hot and wake up sweaty you’re better off looking at natural fibers like cotton, bamboo and eucalyptus. These materials have a long weave that allows plenty of air flow through the sheets for regulating body temperature.

4 Ease of Care of Material

Material also comes into play when you look at the care instructions on the sheets. Some natural fibers require a little bit more work to keep clean and wrinkle free. Synthetic fibers tend to be easier to care for. With most synthetic fibers you should be able to toss them in the wash and feel confident in knowing they won’t shrink or lose their color. They’ll also be more likely to be hypoallergenic and anti-microbial while staying wrinkle free on your bed. That’s not to say that all synthetic fibers are this easy to work with or that natural fibers are necessarily going to be tougher to deal with. Look closely at each sheet before buying to make sure they meet your care requirements.

5 Durability

No matter what material you chose you need to check on the durability of the sheets. Air mattresses tend to be used in more rugged conditions and you need your sheets to stand up to the use they receive and the elements that they’re exposed to. You don’t want your sheet to tear or pile if it’s set on top of a rocky soil in the middle of the woods. You want to be comfortable and chose the best sheets for your air mattress.

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6 Use of Air Mattress

You should consider where your sheets are going to be used. Since most air mattresses are used outdoors when camping then it’s a good idea to choose your material accordingly. If you’re going to camp on a beach then flannel might be a good choice because sand doesn’t tend to stick to the material.

Natural fibers like cotton and bamboo are very soft and perfect options for regular camping or use in your spare bedroom. If you’re taking the air mattress out for an intimate moment under the stars you might want to consider the silky feel of satin which will lend romance to any situation you find yourself in.

You should also consider how price plays into sheet prices. Natural fibers are generally going to cost a little bit more than synthetic fibers. That being said, natural fibers are going to beat synthetic fibers in the comfort department most of the time.


What Are the Best Material for Bed Sheets for Air Mattresses?

Now that we  have gone through the factors to consider for selecting the best sheets for your air mattress, let’s look at the different type of materials for bed sheets to decide which category of bed sheets to find your bed sheets for your air mattress.

  1. Cotton Sheets: Cotton is a popular choice for bedding due to its softness and breathability. When selecting cotton sheets for an air mattress, look for ones that are lightweight and have a high thread count for added comfort. Some top picks for cotton sheets for air mattresses include the Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set by Thread Spread and the Hotel Sheets Direct 100% Cotton Bed Sheet Set.
  2. Microfiber Sheets: Microfiber is a synthetic material that’s known for its softness and affordability. It’s also easy to care for, making it a convenient option for air mattress sheets. Some of the top microfiber sheet sets for air mattresses include the Sweet Home Collection 1800 Thread Count Sheet Set and the Mellanni Bed Sheet Set.
  3. Bamboo Sheets: Bamboo sheets are becoming increasingly popular due to their eco-friendliness and softness. They’re also naturally hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking, making them a great choice for hot sleepers. Some top picks for bamboo sheets for air mattresses include the Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets and the LuxClub Bamboo Sheet Set.
  4. Jersey Sheets: Jersey sheets are made from a knit fabric that’s soft and stretchy. They’re also breathable and great for year-round use. Some top picks for jersey sheets for air mattresses include the AmazonBasics Heather Jersey Sheet Set and the Bare Home Jersey Sheet Set.
  5. Flannel Sheets: Flannel is a brushed cotton material that’s warm and cozy, making it a great choice for cold weather. When selecting flannel sheets for an air mattress, look for ones that are lightweight and have a low pile to avoid overheating. Some top picks for flannel sheets for air mattresses include the Pinzon Flannel Sheet Set and the Eddie Bauer Flannel Sheet Set.

Top 6 Best Fitted Sheets For Air Mattress

Keeping in mind all of the above considerations it can still be difficult to narrow down the perfect sheet for your air mattress. I’ve put together the following suggestions and options. You can’t go wrong with any of them and no matter what material the sheets below are made of I made sure to chose sheets that will meet as much of the criteria as possible.



AmazonBasics Lightweight Super Soft Easy Care Microfiber Sheet Set with 16 Deep Pockets[maxbutton name=”cta-or-big”  window=”new” nofollow=”true” url=”″]

These sheets are super affordable and are made with a light-weight microfiber. The microfiber material means that they’re hypoallergenic and they have anti-microbial properties. The microfiber is a polyester blend which lends the sheets a natural strength while allowing them to be light and soft to the touch.

This is a four piece set including a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases. The fitted sheet included in this set will fit a mattress up to 16″ deep so make sure you measure the depth of your sheet to see if these sheets would fit. They come in an amazing array of 45 colors including some funky patterns.

You’re bound to find the perfect color to match the room (or tent) that your air mattress is going to be in. These sheets are super easy to care for. They’re machine washable and will keep their color no matter how many times you wash them.

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2.Sweet Home Collection

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Although advertised as Egyptian cotton, these sheets are made from microfiber. That being said they’re an excellent option considering they come in a six piece set and have a whopping 1500 thread count! The six piece set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and 4 pillowcases instead of the usual 2.

These sheets come in 49 beautiful colors and it should be easy to find the perfect shade with all of this choice. These sheets come in 9 different sizes including some unique sizes that might make it easier to find the right fit for your air mattress if you’ve been struggling with standard sizes. These sheets require a bit more of an effort in terms of care, but they’re still pretty easy to care for.

They won’t pile or tear and are very durable. Like most microfibers they’re hypoallergenic and have anti-microbial properties. Their color should stick through the washing and they won’t shrink in the wash. These soft sheets are very strong and soft.



Utopia Queen Bed Sheets For Air Mattress

Utopia Queen Bed Sheets For Air Mattress

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These soft microfiber sheets come in only 6 shades and are mostly neutral colors. They have the 6 most common size options to choose from and this is a four piece bedding set. With that you’ll get a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases.

The fitted sheet in this set isn’t considered to have deep pockets as they’ll only fit a mattress 15″ deep. These microfiber sheets are double brushed on each side which makes them very soft. They’re also very durable and will hold up to the test of time saving you money in the long run when they don’t tear, pile, shrink or bleed their colors.

They require cold water to wash but other than that they’re very simple to care for. They’re hypoallergenic and anti-microbial and these sheets are an affordable option for your air mattress.

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EASELAND 6-Pieces Queen Size Bed Sheets

EASELAND 6-Pieces Queen Size Bed Sheets

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These sheets feature a nice deep pocket that fill fit mattresses up to 16″ which should work for most air mattresses. The fitted sheet has a larger elastic around the bottom than usual to help the fitted sheet stick to the mattress better. In addition to the fitted sheet you also get a flat sheet and two pillowcases.

This is another microfiber sheet set and this one is also double brushed for added comfort. The downside of this sheet set is the variety of colors because they only offer 5 colors. If you’re just looking for a simple, affordable, classy sheet set then this one is perfect for you. They come in a range of the six most common sheet sizes.

The microfiber in these sheets is hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. These are very durable sheets and they won’t tear or break down under regular use. They require cold water washing but are easy to take care of and they won’t shrink in the wash. The color will last a long time in these sheets and they won’t wrinkle when they’re left on the bed. These sheets are also stain resistant which is a great option for an air mattress since we tend to use air mattresses in more rugged environments.


5.Bamboo Comfort Premiere Collection

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These bed sheets are the first bamboo bed-sheets on the list and they’re a great option for your air mattress. They come in seven pretty colors including some lighter shades which is fantastic for hot sleepers or those hot summer days. In fact, bamboo itself is a great choice for hot sleepers so these sheets check all the boxes if you need a cooler sheet set for your air mattress.

These are a heavier sheet set which allows you to feel the quality. These sheets have been triple brushed which means they’re some of the softest sheets on this list. Despite being made from a natural material these sheets are extremely easy to care for. They are wrinkle resistant and you can throw them right on the bed after they come out warm from the dryer. These sheets come to you pre-washed and pre-shrunk so you don’t have to worry about any shrinkage in the wash.

They are made of a very durable fiber and you don’t have to worry about these sheets tearing on your air mattress. There won’t be any unsightly pilling either. The bamboo is also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-stain and hypoallergenic. Everyday Luxury Home Canada also features a love it or return it guarantee for 30 days. If during the first month you try these sheets out and there’s anything wrong with them they’ll allow you to return them with no questions asked.

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6.Comfy Sheets

Comfy Sheets 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Fits 18 inches mattress[maxbutton name=”cta-or-big”  window=”new” nofollow=”true” url=”″]

These are the first cotton sheets on the list and they’re 100% Egyptian cotton. This means that they’re a little more pricey; however, the price is actually quite reasonable for Egyptian cotton and once you feel the incredible softness you’ll understand why they’re worth the money! These sheets come in a four piece set with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases.

The fitted sheet on this list is the deepest fitted sheet on this list since it can fit a mattress up to 18″ deep. If you have a deep mattress I’d recommend this sheet set. The Egyptian cotton is very breathable which will help you regulate your temperature as you sleep. There are 22 beautiful colors to choose from. These 1000 thread count sheets are extremely comfortable and durable. The color will not fade and they don’t require any special washing instructions.

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Care and Maintenance of Air Mattress Sheets

Proper care and maintenance are important for extending the lifespan of your air mattress sheets. Here are some tips for washing and drying your sheets, as well as special considerations for air mattress sheets:

  1. Washing and Drying Sheets: Follow the care instructions on the label of your sheets. In general, wash them in cold water on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, as these can damage the fabric. Tumble dry on low heat, and remove them promptly to avoid wrinkles.
  2. Special Considerations for Air Mattress Sheets: Since air mattresses are often used for camping or travel, it’s important to keep them clean and free of bacteria. To do this, wash your sheets frequently, especially if they’ve been exposed to dirt or sweat. You can also use a mattress protector to keep your air mattress clean and prevent spills and stains.

Which is the Best Sheets For Air Mattress?

Whether you use the above criteria for picking out your own sheet or you go with one from the above list you’re guaranteed to find the best sheets for air mattress.


1. Can I use regular sheets on my air mattress?

While you can technically use regular sheets on an air mattress, they may not fit properly or be as comfortable as sheets designed specifically for air mattresses. Air mattress sheets are typically fitted with deep pockets to accommodate the thickness of the mattress and prevent the sheets from slipping off.

2. What’s the best material for air mattress sheets?

The best material for air mattress sheets depends on your personal preferences and needs. Some popular options include cotton, microfiber, bamboo, jersey, and flannel. Consider factors like breathability, softness, and durability when selecting your sheets.

3. Do I need to wash my air mattress sheets frequently?

Yes, it’s a good idea to wash your air mattress sheets frequently to keep them clean and free of bacteria. This is especially important if you’re using the air mattress for camping or travel and it’s exposed to dirt and sweat.

4. Can I use a mattress protector with my air mattress sheets?

Yes, using a mattress protector can help keep your air mattress clean and free of spills and stains. Look for a protector that’s designed specifically for air mattresses and is easy to remove and clean.

5. How do I care for my air mattress sheets?

Follow the care instructions on the label of your sheets, but in general, wash them in cold water on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, and tumble dry on low heat. Remove them promptly to avoid wrinkles. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to