How to Keep Sheets on Bed? [10 Tips]

Sleep is vitally important to our health. Did you know that your heart, kidneys, and blood pressure are at risk by not getting enough sleep? Teens, and adults, need a minimum of seven hours per night. However, many of us twist, turn, flip and flop during the night, causing our sheets to end up on the floor or in a wad. Are you tired of being tired, and wish your sheets would stay put? Why keep fighting a losing battle with sheets? How to keep sheets on bed? Here are some easy solutions.

How to Keep Sheets on Bed?

Sheet Size.

Are you buying the correct size of sheets? This seems obvious, but if you aren’t, this could be one of your problems. This site has terrific diagrams to tell you what size you should be looking for. It includes helpful information about how you may have to go “up” a size if you are using a mattress topper, for instance.

Fitted Bottom Sheets.

Are you using a fitted sheet? Some prefer not to, but they really do work. A fitted sheet has elastic on all four corners that fit snugly onto your mattress. Make sure you buy the right size for your mattress, and that should solve at least half of your problem.

Hospital Corners.

We find that this take a little practice, but they are worth the effort! Think about it . . . where do you have a crisply-made bed? Hospitals and hotels. The extra smoothing and tucking helps keep sheets snug and secure.


Have you wondered, perhaps, why you are sleeping so restlessly? Could it be your mattress that is the culprit? Let’s face it . . . there comes a point in your adult life where a good mattress is a really important thing. If you are tossing and turning, well, there go your sheets onto the floor, yet again. Before you buy, though, try out different ones. Some mattress stores have special testing mattresses where you can lie down in your favorite sleeping position. You should do this, although it feels a bit silly. It’s important! Alternatively, when you stay in a hotel and find that the mattress is excellent, see what type it is, and make a note.

Sheet Quality.

Your problem may be the sheets, themselves. Take a critical look at what you are using. Are they pilled? Have they been repaired? Do you know what the thread count is? Good sheets have a thread count of at least 200; better is 800. 1000 thread count is sometimes described as sateen – it is very smooth. Are your sheets cotton? It may be that you are using very poor quality sheets, which makes you toss and turn. As silly as it sounds, once you have slept on good quality cotton, high thread count sheets, well, it’s hard to go back to percale. Good sheets do not have to break the bank; they are affordable. It may seem like a bit of a luxury to buy them — but if you aren’t sleeping well, that affects your health, so why not spend money on good sheets?

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Sometimes, your sleepwear is the culprit. For example, if you are sleeping in flannel pajamas, and sleeping on flannel sheets, they will “grab” each other and you will wake up in a tangle. Flannel sheets are very cozy but try sleeping in something softer or slinkier and you won’t get wadded up.


Straps are a little bit tricky to install, but they sure can do the trick. They are also called fasteners. To use, you clip them at the corners, on the underside of your sheet, under your mattress. Place your bottom, fitted sheet onto your mattress, and then flip it over. Clip the strap, or fastener, in all three places. Repeat for each corner of your bottom fitted sheet.

Bed Scrunchies.

These bed scrunchies are handy items that will work on flat sheets or fitted sheets. Some folks do not care for fitted sheets; this device works particularly well for flat ones. It holds the sheet down in not four but eight spots.

Bed Bands.

These bands are sort of like little bungee cords with clips and adjust to sheet and bed size.

Safety Pins.

This is an old tried-and-true solution, and a very inexpensive one. Simply put your bottom sheet on your bed (fitted or flat), and pin your sheet to your mattress. It works, but the disadvantage is that you may be putting holes into your nice sheets.

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